Links for 2020 week 11

9 Mar 2020

It’s been a busy two weeks. I'm writing this on Monday morning, sitting in the living room with a puppy lying across one of my arms while I’m trying to type. She’s taking up most of our spare time so I haven’t made much progress on any interesting projects, so it’s another link post.

The links

Towards Understanding and Fixing Upstream MergeInduced Conflicts in Divergent Forks: An Industrial Case Study

A research paper by Microsoft about working in the Chromium codebase. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but it should be interesting.

Mitsuba 2 released

THe Mitsuba renderer had released version 2, with lots of interesting new features including (on CUDA based systems) a differentiable rendering mode. There’s a funny bit in the documentation where it says that if you want CUDA support on Mac OS (and all the modes it enables) go nag Apple to get them to ship nVidia drivers again.

Using Low Discrepancy Sequences & Blue Noise in Loot Drop Tables for Games

His posts are always worth a read, so here’s the latest. Anyone who has read the previous stuff won’t be surprised that blue noise makes another appearance.