Links for 2020 week 14

30 Mar 2020


DLSS has been updated to v2, and no longer requires per game training. This gets more impressive with each generation. I wonder if Microsoft are planning something similar for the XSX, as they added reduced precision math to their version of RDNA 2.

When you update the nVidia graphics drivers one component was NGX (the backend for this), and the version numbering has changed now. It used to be a normal 4 part version 1.X.Y.Z, but now it just mirrors the main graphics driver version (e.g. XXX.YY).

How to Generate Random Colors Programmatically

Interesting older post about making colours at random, but with good separation.

Announcing DirectX 12 Ultimate

This seems to be Microsoft’s push to get PC and XSX more in sync. The more PC titles use these features, the better quality the console ports will be, and the easier consoles ports to PC will be as well.

Ray Tracing In Vulkan

The first non-DirectX, cross vendor ray tracing API. It will be interesting to see, if we ever get told, what APIs Sony support this time around. Given the state of game engines, and their low costs, I wonder if it really matters anymore. There’s probably a post I should write about this.