Links for 2020 week 7

10 Feb 2020

I was aiming to have something interesting this week, but there was a Flyball competition on Sunday and a lot of my spare time for the rest of the week was used up with preparations for Nicky’s puppy turning up this Saturday.

So it’s another link post week, but with an added twist.


As several of the Youtubers I follow advertise this, and after looking at what they had to offer, I’ve signed up for a trial subscription on Skillshare.

I thought that I could add links to interesting classes here as well. I'll include both referal links, and non-referal links. If people sign up after following a referal link to a class I get a free month or two.

At the moment most of them are about video production, but there seems to be plenty of other stuff on the site, so expect a bit more variety later.

The links

How do we test for coronavirus, anyway?

A really interesting post from ArsTechnica on how they make virus detection tests.

Google launches open-source security key project, OpenSK

This could be an interesting little project for a weekend. A while ago I looked into whether the really cheap 2FA keys could be used for other purposes. I never decided on an answer to that but I ended up reading the fido specs and there’s some clever tricks they do to enable these really cheap keys.

It might be worth a quick post another week, but one interesting fact is that a service that uses these can require them to be from certain vendors (with digital signatures used to enforce this), so ‘low’ security tokens can be refused.

WhyNotSecurity - TeamViewer

If you already don’t trust TeamViewer, and given that their tools don’t provide any way to limit their use on your network you shouldn’t, then this gives you another reason to avoid it.

It turns out, rather then using the Windows credential store to save passwords for remote systems, they just AES encrypt them with a fixed key and stick them in the registry.