Links for 2020 week 3

13 Jan 2020

Well I’m back again and going to try for a post every week in 2020.

Technically I’ve already missed two, but I’m sure I’ll catch up :) .

I've decided that in the weeks where I don’t have much else I’m going to do a wrap-up of all of the interesting things I’ve tagged in my news reader (NewsBlur) or liked on Twitter.

There are other, hopefully interesting, projects coming, just not today. Also I’m going to try and make my electronics projects simpler, rather then keep adding extra features until the boards full as I do at the moment. This way I think I’ll get more finished and working, rather then getting them half finished and mostly working before wanting to move onto something else.

The links

There should be more here, but as of 7:36 on Monday morning it seems half of the sites I need to check have caching issues at their end. When they come back online I’ll update the post.

BeatBox cardboard drum machine

This seems like an interesting idea, one of my projects from the end of last year could be tweaked to do something similar. It might be worth doing a simpler version of that board with just this functionality.

Tile-based optimization for post processing

I haven’t got around to reading this yet, but I really should.

A Paint.NET Effect Plugin based on Arbitrary Style Transfer

Paint.NET and neural networks, what’s not to like.